PACKAGE 4: The Whole Shebang !


Time at a premium ? Need someone else to take the strain ? Give us a call !


What you get

Just tell us what you need ! We have worked in the archiving business for nearly 25 years so can offer advice and call on our experience to suggest the most suitable solution for your particular specification

 We'll have a chat about your requirements then get down to business, organizing your files, providing and packing and moving Document Storage Boxes( if you don't have them already) and indexing your archives, providing you with a fully cross- referenced list - as well as alphabetical or numerical lists - that will enable you to retrieve your documents quickly and easily.


Thereafter, you'll enjoy a comprehensive document management service : delivery, collection, security and refiling are all included in the package price.


Then whenever you need them, your files will be tracked on our bar coding system, scanned out and delivered to you. They'll be scanned again upon delivery at your office and once more when they are returned to our warehose after recollecting from you.


Whenever you need another group of files and records to be taken offsite we can also come back in and pack, list, index and take away for secure storage more boxes with whatever regularity you require.


Once your archives reach the end of their retention period we can destroy them upon request, providing you with a certificate of secure destruction.


And since we're trying to make life easier, we've made payment easy, too : you can choose to pay for each service as it is completed or pay packaged figure for boxes, boxing or indexing at a " per box" price and incorporate the cost into your storage charges and pay over a period of time.


What's in it for you ?

A saving of hundreds of staff hours and a perfectly indexed database - as well as secure and cost effective storage for your archives.

We work with archives every day so we can get our heads round what you need and then get to work putting it all into place for you. Therefore not taking your staff away from what they are good at and wasting your companies time.

Contact us to put the right solution in place