PACKAGE 3: The Time Saver


Need offsite storage for your archives , but don't have a complete indexing system ? Let us help !


What you get

Whether you prefer us to work on boxes of documents or individual files, we'll tackle the indexing of your archives, providing you with a comprehensive document management service : delivery, collection, security and refiling are all included in the package price. Collection of new boxes is also free of charge.


Whenever you need to get your hands on them, your files will be tracked on our bar coding system, scanned out and delivered to you. they'll be scanned again upon delivery at your office and once more when we recollect them and return them to their location in our warehouse.


Once your archives reach their legal retention period we can destroy them for you, providing you with a certificate of secure destruction.


And in the spirit of making life easier, we'll even make payment easy, too : you can choose to pay as the job is completed or choose a "per box " price and incorporate the cost into your storage fees and pay over a period of time.


What's in it for you ?

A huge saving in time, space and effort - and a beautifully indexed database ! In short we'll take the hassle out of preparing your files for storage.


So please give us a call or drop us an email and let us sort out the best solution for you.


So if you want a detailed  inventory of everything you have in storage, whether that be by list or individually barcoded items then we can save you time and give you all the detailed information you require to make your future archiving and retrieval requirements a lot less hassle.