PACKAGE 1: Simply Storage



Want to create some space in your office and need only infrequent access to your documents ?

 Simply Storage is the package for you.


What you get

We'll come and collect your boxes, bar code them, and scan them into their own location at our secure warehouse.

Of course, you can get your hands on your files whenever you need them, but predict it will not be a frequent occurence.

And when you no longer need your documents, we can destroy them for you, providing you with a certificate of secure destruction and saving you unnecessary storage costs.


Whats in it for you ?

Secure, cost effective storage, giving you peace of mind ... and a lot more space in your office or place of work.


So get in touch today on 01440 714100 and we will help you work out the right solution for you.


As the name suggests this is Archive or Document storage with no real frills required, we simply store your records and papers in the secure, appropriate surroundings they need and they can stay there happily until they are shredded at their retention date or delivered to your desk on the rare occasions you need a file or paper back.