Legal Document Storage - Will Storage

Doxbond can provide safe legal document storage such as Wills and Land Deeds for solicitors and home clients.


A Will is an important legal document declaring your wishes concerning you're estate upon your death. If this document is lost or destroyed is could cast doubts as to the content with the courts in the event of your Will reading.


A Will should never be kept at home in case the worst were to happen and everything including you went up in smoke.  Relatives would have enough on their plate without the hassle and upset of figuring out your estate. We will also keep on file a record of important family and legal contacts so we know who can request back your papers when they are needed in future.


Doxbond offer a safe place for you or your solicitor to store your will or any other legal document storage. Documents can be kept in our fire proof safe or simply stored on the shelf in one of our indexed boxes. We can also offer the facility to scan your documents and provide an electronic copy when needed.


For Solicitors and Will Writing firms we can offer a secure site for your clients Wills & Deeds with access whenever you want it through our retrieval service.


Whether a private individual or company we can put together a bespoke package for you to ensure, these vital documents are secure, indexed with the correct contact names in place and easily accessible at the times you really need them.


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