retrievalboxes.jpgWe know that when you want your documents, you want them quickly. Whether you need individual files or whole boxes, we pride ourselves on providing a prompt document retrieval service and guarantee a convenient delivery time that fits your schedule.


Just drop us an email to tell us what you need, and when. If you've got a deadline, a special request or you're simply unsure of the location of a certain file, just give us a call. We're always happy to hear from you!


We generally get in touch before delivery to give you an estimated time that the items will be arriving and if you need to know an ETA we will ensure we ring ahead to fit in with your movements and appointments wherever possible.

We understand and care that a file delivered at 3pm is no good if your appointment or meeting was at 1pm.


We recommend assigning document retrievals to one or two contacts in your company - ultimately, it helps you to keep track of who's requested what and when! And if you have concerns about confidentiality, we're happy to use a password system to ensure that only your designated staff members can request retrieval of your files and documents.


File & document retrieval stops a build up of archive boxes in your office when you request several items back. So in most cases our clients choose this method. Who wants boxes laying around desks causing inconvenience and health and safety hazards when you can get the specific files you need delivered for you to work on.

Our service and standard document retrieval pricing includes picking the items, barcoding files, delivering, recollection and refilling, so every stage of the process is covered leaving you to get on with your job rather than spending unnecessary time dealing with archive matters.


So all in all we can save you Time, Space and Effort by delivering files and or boxes at a time that suits you,  in an efficient, scheduled manner with a process that ensures the items are tracked in and out from start to finish.





We offer three levels of service, depending on the degree of urgency: Next Day, Same Day and 90min Express


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