Data Drive Disposal

If you need to get rid of your office Hardware as you update your machines or you are disposing of your home computer, rather than worrying about whether all the information has been wiped securely or having Hard drives sitting in your premises or computer room. Let us deal with the secure disposal.


Alongside our confidential paper waste collection and shredding service, the secure data disposal solutions can work hand in hand, ensuring all areas of your data protection are conveniently but more importantly securely covered with the correct procedures adhered to.

This allows you to cover your audit and regulatory requirements in all areas of data management from start to finish.


We simply collect (any number from 1 upwards) from your office or home, signing off a transfer note with you on collection. The Hard Drives are then completely shredded by our trusted partner, as with paper you receive a certificate of secure destruction once they have been dealt with in a secure manner for peace of mind for you and or your business.


This can work for you as a private individual who is uncomfortable dumping a laptop down at the local refuse tip, to companies who have just replaced their office PC's wiped the information from the machines but just want to ensure the hard ware is disposed of properly.


Each item is charged separately so we can take a Hard Drive, Laptop with Hard Drive still In( price for this is included as one item) or a tower with or without Hard Drive still contained in there.


Exactly like our secure confidential paper disposal service, clients receive a waste transfer note at point of collection, then once the items have been shredded to industry regulated standards the certificate of secure destruction is then issued for your records.


So if you need help with this area of your business or home security, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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